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Cheating is considered any dishonest behavior on the part of the student while plagiarism is using the words of others without giving them credit.  Studies have shown that the level of cheating in the classroom is on the rise, so it is critical for instructors to understand the issues involved.  The sites below will help you with some ideas on how to handle both cheating and plagiarism.

For all resources on Cheating/Plagiarism, click here.




Preventing Academic Misconduct

Graduate Division, University of California - Berkeley

This site is designed for graduate students, but the advice is the same for any instructor.

Anti-Plagiarism Strategies

This site contains strategies of awareness, prevention, and detection.

How to Recognize Plagiarism

Indiana University

This is a good tutorial for any faculty member wishing to prevent dishonesty in the classroom

Technology Enhanced Cheating

Teaching, Learning, Technology, State University of New York

This is a list of ways that faculty can prevent cheating by using the internet.

Cheating 101: Paper Mills and You

Coastal Carolina University

This site deals with online “paper mills” and suggests ways that faculty can combat them in the classroom.