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Classroom Management / Faculty and Student Civility

There are a variety of issues that fall into the category of classroom management; disrespect for others, rudeness, challenging the instructor’s authority are only a few.  The sites below will help you learn how to manage some of these situations.

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Scenes from a Classroom: Managing Conflict

Center for Teaching and Learning,
University of Minnesota

There are 10 scenarios here; each deals with a different classroom conflict situation.  You view the scenario, think about how you would handle it, and then hear advice from faculty on what to do.

Managing Classroom Conflict

Center for Teaching and Learning, University of North Carolina

This site provides advice for preventing classroom conflict as well as for managing conflict.

Promoting Classroom Management

Barbara Frey, University of Pittsburgh

The Classroom Civility Survey is a faculty questionnaire with four major components: (1) Faculty Member's Background, (2) Seriousness of Student Incivility Behaviors, (3) Frequency of Student Incivility Behaviors, and (4) Strategies for Managing Classroom Incivility.

Classroom Management

Lisa Rodriguez

This webpage features some ideas of how to handle various classroom management situations.

Classroom Civility

Center for Teaching and Learning, UC Santa Cruz

This site explains what is meant by classroom incivility and also why it occurs.  It also provides some suggestions for creating a climate of student civility.