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Clickers in the Classroom

Classroom response systems (clickers) enable instructors to rapidly collect and summarize student responses to multiple-choice questions they ask of students during class. The use of clickers has grown as a means of engaging students in the classroom.

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Clicker Pedagogies

Derek Bruff, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching, and Senior Lecturer, Mathematics, Vanderbilt University

This website has a link to the first chapter of Bruff's book on using clickers as well as some pdfs documents that include case studies and other supplemental information.

Teaching with Clickers

Center for Research on Teaching and Learning, University of Michigan

This article discusses the research on using clickers and presents some recommendations for using clickers in teaching

Designing Effective Questions for Classroom Response System Teaching

Department of Physics, University of Massachusetts

This article provides direction for designing effective questions for clicker usage in the physics classroom.

Classroom Response Systems (“Clickers”)

Derek Bruff, Vanderbilt University

This website discusses CRSs and how to teach using them. Additionally, evidence is provided of their use at Vanderbilt.

Clicker Resource Guide

Carl Wieman, Science Education Initiative, University of British Columbia

This site has a downloadable guide as well as other resources to support clickers, i.e. videos, articles, and other resources.