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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a collection of mental activities that include the ability to intuit, clarify, reflect, connect, infer, and judge. It brings these activities together and enables the student to question what knowledge exists.  The sites below will help you develop activities and assignments to help students to develop critical thinking skills.

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Critical Thinking - The Very Basics

Dona Warren, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

This site provides a very good introduction to critical thinking and introduces users to the basics of argument recognition, analysis, evaluation, and construction by means of a flash presentation.

Critical Thinking and Pedagogy

Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning,
National University of Singapore

This site describes critical thinking and provides some examples of activities that call for the use of critical thinking skills.

Helping Your Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Susan K. Wolcott and Cindy L. Lynch, Kansas State University

This IDEA Paper recommends theoretically grounded and empirically supported strategies that instructors can use to improve the development and assessment of their students’ thinking skills.

On Critical Thinking

Harvey Brightman, Georgia State University.

This site was designed for Georgia State's Master Teaching Program, and discusses issues about critical thinking.

Critical Thinking

Center for Teaching and Learning, Georgia Perimeter College

This is a comprehensive site that provides links to insightful information into the definition of critical thinking and how to engage students in the act of critical thinking.