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First Day of Class

Most exemplary instructors agree that the first day of class is the most important.  Rather than just show up and pass out the syllabus, the great instructors take the time to explain their vision for the course, set expectations for how the class will be conducted, and set the environment for the entire term.  The sites below will give you some ideas for making this most important day more memorable for your students.

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ELIXR First Day of Class Module

Center for Distributed Learning, California State University

This is a digital case story of exemplary teachers leading the first day of a class,

First Day of Class Activities that Create a Climate for Learning

Maryellen Weimer, Faculty Focus

This site provides novel activities for using the first day of class to emphasize the importance of learning and the responsibility students share for shaping the classroom environment.

First Day of Class

Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt University

This is a well-organized site that describes what instructors should do on the first day of class

First Day of Class

Office of Faculty and Teaching Assistant Development, The Ohio State University

This site provides some guidelines for the first day of class that will set the tone for the rest of the term.

The Most Important Day: Starting Well

Teaching and Learning Center, University of Nebraska

This article provides a number of guidelines to start your course off well on the first day.