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Humor in the Classroom

Using humor in the classroom can enhance student learning by improving understanding and retention.  The sites below provide support for this and also provide recommendations for how to bring more humor into your classroom.

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How Laughing Leads to Learning

Monitor on Psychology, American Psychological Association

This article cites research that demonstrates that humor helps students learn.  Suggestions are also provided on how to bring humor to your classroom.

Using Humor in the College Classroom to Enhance Teaching Effectiveness in "Dread Courses."

Neelam Kher, College Student Journal

This article  identifies opportunities for humor in the college classroom, discuss how humor affects learning outcomes, and present guidelines for the appropriate use of humor, particularly in "dread courses."

Why Use Humor in the Classroom?

Center for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching

This article explains how humor can enhance student learning and can make the instructor enjoy teaching more.

Use of Humor in the Classroom

Melissa Wanzer, Canisius College

This book chapter provides an overview of humor in the classroom and also provides practical suggestions.

Using Humor in the Classroom

Robert McNeely, National Education Association

In this article, NEA members share some of the ways they use humor in the classroom.