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Inquiry-Guided Learning

With the inquiry method of instruction, students arrive at an understanding of concepts by themselves and the responsibility for learning rests with them. This method encourages students to build research skills that can be used throughout their educational experiences. Inquiry Based Learning is one approach to help studentsunderstand course foundations through a discovery process that supports continuous learning. It also provides a path to a deeper understanding of key concepts and their application.  The sites below will help you with ideas to implement inquiry-guided learning in your classes.

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What is Unique About Inquiry Courses?

Centre for Leadership in Learning, McMaster University

This is a good resource for determining what inquiry-based learning is all about.

What is a good Inquiry question?

Centre for Leadership in Learning, McMaster University

This article will help you determine how to develop questions for inquiry-based learning.

Using the Internet to Promote Inquiry-based Learning

Internet Innovations

This article introduces an 8 step inquiry-based process to that starts with a question and ends with a student-developed project, using the internet.

Inquiry-based Learning

Schreyer Institute at Penn State

This article describes what inquiry-based learning is and demonstrates a process for integrating the technique into your class.

The Inquiry-Based Course: A Self-Assessment Inventory

Center for Teaching Excellence, University of New Hampshire

This is a good guide that provides 6 characteristics of inquiry-based learning as well as a self-assessment.