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Interdisciplinary Teaching

Interdisciplinary teaching involves combining two different topics into one class.  Instructors who participate in interdisciplinary teaching find that students approach the material differently, while faculty members also have a better appreciation of their own discipline content.  Interdisciplinary teaching can be accomplished by one individual teaching two topics or two instructors from different discipline teaching the one course.

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Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning

Center for Teaching and Learning, Stanford University This document offers summary of a discussion about interdisciplinary teaching and learning and reflects a range
of views that are just as varied and diverse as the intellectual approaches that emerge from interdisciplinary scholarship.

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching

Arthur Goldsmith, Washington and Lee University, for SERC

The site explains what interdisciplinary teaching is and provides a number of web resources, examples and references.

Top Ten Suggestions for Interdisciplinary Teaching

Center for Teaching and Faculty Development, San Francisco State University

This site has ten reasons that support interdisciplinary teaching.  There are also additional links to other resources.

University of Michigan's Global Change I Course

Learning Through Technology, University of Wisconsin

This is a case study that covers the University of Michigan’s experience in developing an interdisciplinary course.

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning

Office of Faculty and Organizational Development, Michigan State University

This is a research article that presents a rationale for interdisciplinary teaching.