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Learner-Centered Teaching

Learner-Centered teaching means the student is at the center of learning.  The student assumes the responsibility for learning while the instructor is responsible for facilitating the learning.  Thus, the power in the classroom shifts to the student.  The sites below will help you in learning how to become more learner-centered in your teaching.

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Learner Centered Teaching

Phyllis Blumberg, University of the Sciences.

This site provides information about learner-centered teaching as well as links to presentations the author has made regarding the topic.

Teacher-Centered, Learner-Centered or All of the Above

Maryellen Weimer, Faculty Focus

This is an blog posting in which the author suggests that being teacher-centered or learner-centered is actually a continuum.

33 Ways to Make Your Classroom More Learner-Centered

Teaching Effectiveness Program, University of Oregon

This author suggests, "The KEY questions to ask yourself: What is it my students need to know and be able to do during their professional lives? What skills and knowledge will stand the test of time, given the dynamic nature of knowledge and information?

Learner-centered Teaching

Office of Faculty and Organizational Development, Michigan State University

This site offers a number of links to theory and research that support the learner-centered approach and offers classroom strategies to achieve it.

Learner‐centered Teaching and Education at USC: A Resource for Faculty

Committee on Academic Programs and Teaching (CAPT) Learner-Centered Task Force, University of Southern California The Appendix provides a lengthy description of learner-centered teaching as well as strategies to implement it, with a list of references.