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Learning Objectives

Learning objectives are also referred to as performance objectives or competencies.  They are brief, specific statements of what learners will be able to achieve at the conclusion of the instructional activity. Learning objectives are derived from course objectives, which are general statements reflecting the goals and outcomes of the course, while learning objectives are specific statements about expected student performance.  The resource below can help you in developing learning objectives for your courses.  You can add your comments and recommendations concerning these materials by simply clicking on the “Write a comment” link that’s on the right side of the webpage containing a full description of the material.

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Why Do We Need Learning Objectives

Teaching and Learning With Technology, The Pennsylvania State University

This site gives concise explanations of learning objectives, rationale for, and basic information including types and different levels of learning objectives. Many companion links are provided including writing objectives and linking objectives to assessment and instruction.

Writing Quality Learning Objectives

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Park University

This site provides hints for writing and examples of learning objectives.  Also included are links to other resources on the same topic.

Creating Learning Outcomes

Center for Teaching and Learning, Florida State University

Learning outcomes communicate expectations for the course content, and clarify assessment measures for both you and the students. They don’t have to be difficult to write.

Learning Objectives

Teaching and Learning Laboratory at Massachusettes Institution of Technology.

This site suggests that learning objectives should support the overall goal of the course.  It also provides examples of well-written learning objectives.

Developing Course Objectives

Illinois Online Network, University of Illinois

This tutorial addresses several aspects in developing learning objectives from reasons for them to action verbs.