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Learning and Technology

With the advent of the internet, resources abound for using technology in teaching.  If you need help in understanding some of the new technologies, the sites below can get you started. There are a variety of links available on some of these sites so you can understand the different roles technology can play in the classroom. You can add your comments and recommendations concerning these materials by simply clicking on the “Write a comment” link that is on the right side of the webpage containing a full description of the material.

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UMUC-Verizon Virtual Resource Site for Teaching with Technology.

University of Maryland University College Verizon Project

This site is for higher education faculty new to online course development, and provides good navigation to specific technologies or discussions for instructors wishing to improve their online materials.  there are numerous examples across many disciplines for each concept and links to additional resources.

Teaching with Technology

Teaching Effectiveness Program, University of Oregon

This site offers instructors step-by-step instructions for using some campus-wide available technologies (such as Blackboard and PowerPoint), offers suggestions for how instructors might initiate and guide particular technology-supported learning activities, presents the different roles technology might play in a classroom, and promotes thinking and reflection about the best uses of technology in the classroom.

Putting the Learning Back into Learning Technology

AISHE – All Ireland Society for Higher Education.

This article makes a case for enhancing substantive learning and social constructionist approaches through the use of such Internet resources as open content, wikis, blogs, and Moodle software. Offers detailed descriptions of each and applications to learning.

Learning Through Technology

College Level One Team, University of Wisconsin

The site features information designed to provide knowledge on technologies in use, and how this technology can impact and enhance student learning. We focused on technologies with a preference for those that were student-centered, and where the use of this technology had a clear and measurable effect on learning.

Using ePortfolios as a reflective teaching tool - Case study

Simon McIntyre, The University of New South Wales This case study examines how ePortfolios, used in conjunction with blogs, can encourage students to become more critically reflective learners