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Motivating and Engaging Students

Today, more than ever before, students need to be engaged and motivated in the classroom.  When students are engaged, they are able to retain course knowledge as well as participate in class.  The sites below can help you with some tips and guidelines for how to keep students in your courses motivated.

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Motivating Students

Karen Kirk, SERC

This site from SERC provides some advice for motivating students and includes references.

Motivating Students

Teaching Effectiveness Program, University of Oregon

This site lists questions concerning how to motivate students and then provides links for suggestions on how to do so.

Capturing and Directing the Motivation to Learn

Center for Teaching and Learning, Stanford University

This article is from a Stanford University Newsletter and addresses the need to motivate students to retain course knowledge.

Motivating Your Students

Center for Excellence in Teaching, University of Southern California

This module from a teaching publication provides some guidance as well as references for motivating students in the college classroom.

Engaging Students

Center for Excellence in Teaching, Boston University

This site has some simple suggestions for engaging students in your classroom and some links to helpful presentations and handouts.