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Online/Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are courses in which a significant amount of the learning activities takes place online, combining face-to-face classes with internet instruction.  An Online course is a course in which all learning activities take place online.  Because preparation for each is similar, we have combined them into one area.  The resources below provide guidance in how to manage the transition from the traditional classroom to the online environment.  You can add your comments and recommendations concerning these materials by simply clicking on the “Write a comment” link that’s on the right side of the webpage containing a full description of the material.

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Ecoaching Tips for Teaching Online

Judith Boettcher & Rita-Marie Conrad, Designing for Learning

These tips are designed for anyone who would like ideas about how to design and teach a course in an online environment.

Hybrid Courses: The Best of Both Worlds

Teaching-Learning Center, Durham Technical College

This site provides some basic information about hybrid courses and also provides some links to further readings about hybrid courses.

Online Teaching Activity Index

Illinois Online Network, University of Illinois

This site has a wealth of different activities that can be used in an online class.  With each activity, there is a description as well as goals, teaching strategies, assessments, etc.

Brief Hybrid Workshop on Teaching Well Online

Center for Teaching, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

This is a site that has a collection of short tutorials that will help people to teach better online.

Planning Your Online Class Simon McIntyre, The University of New South Wales This video episode explores some of the key considerations when planning your online or blended (face-to-face and online) class