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Problem-Based Learning

Problem-based Learning (PBL) is an instructional method that challenges students to "learn to learn," working in groups to seek solutions to real world problems. The process replicates the commonly used systemic approach to resolving problems or meeting challenges that are encountered in life, and will help prefer students for their careers.  The following sites will help you in understanding problem-based learning and begin to use it in your classes.

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Problem-based Learning Clearinghouse


Barbara J. Duch, University of Delaware

The Problem-Based Learning Clearinghouse is a repository of materials for instructors interested in using problem-based learning in their courses. It includes a collection of problems and articles to assist educators in using problem-based learning.

Making Learning Real with Problem Based Case Learning

Nashville State Technical Community College and WGBH Educational Foundation

This site explains PBL in a video format that makes using PBL easier.   It also shows how PBL is used in real world settings.

Background of Problem-Based Learning

Mary Sue Baldwin, Samford University

This site provides the history of problem based learning as a teaching strategy. There are a number of definitions provided along with characteristics and objectives of PBL. There is also a comparison of prescriptive and experiential curriculi.

Leap Into... Problem Based Learning

Centre for Learning and Professional Development,
University of Adelaide

This is a downloadable 69-page PDF document designed to introduce Problem Based Learning and guide instructors new to Problem Based Learning through all the stages of developing, using, and assessing Problem Based Learning in their courses.

Dan Tries Problem-Based Learning

University of Delaware

This is a case study of a fictional anthropology professor who encounters problems in introducing problem based learning to his class.