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Quantitative Skills Development

General quantitative skills development is important for all students.  The need to have a general understanding of basic math, statistics, probability skills are required not just in courses, but in later life.  The following sites will help you have an understanding of why these skills are important in all classes.

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Issues Related to Teaching Quantitative Skills

Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College

This site was designed for geosciences students, but a lot of the information here pertains to students in other disciplines.

The Case for Quantitative Literacy

The Quantitative Literacy Design Team, The National Council on Education and the Disciplines

This article defines quantitative literacy, but provides an interesting list of everyday situations in which these skills are needed.

Interviews about Quantitative Literacy

St. Olaf's College

This is a group of interviews with faculty members regarding their opinions of quantitative literacy.

Numerical Common Sense for All

The National Council on Education and the Disciplines

The author makes a case for the need for quantitative literacy to be successful in today’s environment.

Quantitative Literacy for the Next Generation

The National Council on Education and the Disciplines

The author provides some recommendations for how to improve quantitative literacy by changing the way these skills are introduced.