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Rubrics and Grading

To measure student performance against a set of criteria, a rubric is typically created which contains the criteria for the task and appropriate levels of performance for each criterion. Grading is the assignment of some value, either quantitative or qualitative, as a measure of student performance. The following sites will help you understand how to create rubrics and also how to grade projects using the rubrics.

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Rubrics from Authentic Assessment Toolbox

Jon Mueller, North Central College

This site provides information on rubrics, describes the different types and helps you create one.

Rubric Machine

Ohio University

The Rubric Machine helps you build and use instructional rubrics in support of broader performance-based approaches to assessing student learning.

Scoring Rubrics: What, When and How?

Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation (A peer-reviewed electronic journal)

This paper describes different types of scoring rubrics, explains how scoring rubrics are useful and provides a method for you to develop scoring rubrics.

Teacher Created Rubrics for Assessment

School of Education Online Professional Development, University of Wisconsin - Stout

This site has a large variety of rubrics for different types of learning, such as Cooperative Learning, Research Reports, E-Portfolios, Video Projects, Simulations, etc.

Rubric Resources

Office of Student Learning, Outcomes Assessment,
University of Rhode Island 

This site contains a number of links to a variety of resources regarding rubrics including VALUE Rubrics and assessment of reflection assignments.