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Student Portfolios

A student portfolio is a carefully selected set of student work, designed to showcase a student’s work for a particular purpose.  One student may have several portfolios, each designed for a purpose.  One portfolio may be designed to show a student’s progress or it may feature the student’s best work.  The following sites will help you understand how portfolios can be used to enhance student learning as well as assess their knowledge.

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Jon Mueller, North Central College

This site provides advice for why you should use portfolios as well as a step-by-step process on how to do so.

An Overview of e-Portfolios

EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative

This document explains exactly what portfolios are, provides information on how they are used, and provides links to examples of portfolios.

Demonstrating and Assessing Student Learning with E-Portfolios

EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative

This document suggests that creating e-portfolios enables students to enhance their learning by giving them a better understanding of their skills, as well as where and how they need to improve to meet academic and career goals.

Park University: Incorporating Portfolio Assessment

Park University


An assessment portfolio is a purposeful collection of student work designed to showcase a studentÂ’s progress toward, and achievement of, course-specific learning objectives.

Performance Assessment in Teacher Education: The Iowa ePortfolio Model

Department of Education, Iowa University

This is a white paper that examines the use of student portfolios in the Teacher Education Program at Iowa University.  It also provides employer perceptions of the e-portfolios in the hiring process.