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Team-Based Learning

Team-based learning (TBL) is a fairly new approach to teaching in which students rely on each other for their own learning and are held accountable for coming to class prepared.  Research has found that students are more responsible and more engaged when team-based learning is implemented.  The major difference in TBL and normal group activities is that the groups are permanent and most of the class time is devoted to the group meeting.  The sites below will show you how this somewhat radical approach has resulted in greater student and faculty satisfaction.

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Team-Based Learning

Advocate Online, National Education Association)

This is a very brief article that explains what team-based learning is all about.

Team-Based Learning

Dee Fink, University of Oklahoma

Although attempting to sell a book, there are a lot of resources on this site including some outstanding video clips regarding team-based learning.

The Comprehensive Assessment for Team-Member Effectiveness (CATME)

Dr. Matthew Ohland, Purdue Unviersity.

For teams to be successful, the teamwork environment must be managed. The Team-Maker forms teams according to user-specified criteria. The Comprehensive Assessment for Team-Member Effectiveness (CATME) gathers peer evaluation data and self evaluations to assess how effectively each team member contributes to the team and gives feedback to team members and to the person administering the teams.

The Value Of Team-Based Learning In Particularly Challenging Teaching Situations

Tomorrow's Professor Mailing List, The National Teaching and Learning Forum

This Site explains how to use team based learning in the following situations: large classes, classes with a high level of student diversity, courses with extended meeting times, and courses that emphasize thinking skills.

Team Based Learning?

Center for Teaching and Learning, Florida State University

This site outlines a step-by-step process for using team-based learning in your classroom.