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Team Teaching

At its best, team teaching allows students and faculty to benefit from the healthy exchange of ideas in a setting defined by mutual respect and a shared interest in a topic.  In most cases both faculty members are present during each class and can provide different styles of interaction as well as different viewpoints.  The sites below will help you learn what you need to know about this powerful teaching technique.

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Team Teaching

Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt University

This brief article emphasizes the importance of finding a compatible colleague for team teaching as well as some issues to work out prior to doing so.

Professors Preach Ten Commandments Of Team Teaching

Tomorrow's Professor Mailing List, The National Teaching and Learning Forum

This article provides the ten top issues that need to be considered in team teaching by two professors who have worked together and team taught.

Perspectives on Team Teaching

EGallery - University of Calgary

This article identifies different types of team teaching, explains the opinions of some experienced team teachers, analyzes the issues involved with team teaching, and discusses the benefits and problems of team teaching

Team Teaching: The Learning Side of the Teaching - Learning Equation

Essays on Teaching Excellence, The Professional & Organizational Development Network in Higher Education.

This is an article that is written by two team-teaching converts who detail three key issues to remember in planning for team teaching.

Shall We Dance? Team Teaching and the Harmony of Collaboration

Talk About Teaching, University of Pennsylvania

This article is about the experiences of two faculty who team-taught, but did it for an interdisciplinary course.