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Writing Assignments

Writing assignments for class can provide an opportunity for them to apply critical thinking skills as well as help them to learn course content.  The sites below should help you in learning how to write more effective assignments that result in better papers from your students.

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Building Online Learning Assignments with MERLOT

Laura Franklin, Northern Virginia Community College - Alexandria Campus

This is a PowerPoint presentation designed to show how assignments can be easily written in MERLOT.

Suggestions for Designing Effective Formal Writing Assignments

Writing Across the Curriculum,  Manhattan University

This article suggests ways to improve writing assignments in class, with emphasis on continual communication with students.

Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing, Volume 1

Charles Lowe and Pavel Zemiliansky, Ed.

This is a collection of essays that cover topics such as academic writing, how to interpret writing assignments, motives for writing, rhetorical analysis, revision, invention, writing centers, argumentation, narrative, reflective writing, Wikipedia, patchwriting, collaboration, and genres.

Writing Assignment Design Heuristic

Center for Writing-Based Learning, DePaul University

This is a heuristic you can use when creating writing assignments for your classes.

Creating Meaningful Writing Assignments

The Teaching Exchange, Brown University

This article suggests five prompts for faculty in writing assignments, i.e. “Being explicit about the rhetorical situation.”