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Learners and Learning

Understanding how learning works can help you design better teaching strategies. The following topics are covered here:

  • Adult Learners - The references here represent succinct discussions for anyone who is interested in finding out more about how to educate the adult learner. 
  • Learner-Centered Education - Learner-centered education puts the student at the center of education. It starts with understanding the educational background of the student and continues with the instructor evaluating the student's advancement towards the course learning objectives. 
  • Learning Sciences and Theory - There are many theories of learning that have been developed.  An understanding of some of these will help the instructor to plan classes. 
  • Learning & Teaching Styles - Instructors need to learn about student learning styles in order to understand how to reach and engage all of their students.  An understanding of how learning styles and teaching styles interact is essential. 
  • Learning and Technology - With the advent of the internet, resources abound for using technology in teaching.  If you need help in understanding some of the new technologies, the sites here can get you started.