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Student Readiness for Online Learning

 Many students need to determine whether or not online learning is for them. These are examples of self-administered assessments designed to help students evaluate their readiness for online classes.  Most of the resources have been developed and used by universities.

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Online Learning Readiness Questionnaire

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

This is a quick quiz that students self administer to determine online readiness.

Online Readiness Self-Assessment

Instructional Design & Development, California State University Stanislaus

This is a self-administered assessment for students to indicate their readiness for online learning.

Skills for Effective Online Learning

Center for Online Learning, Portland State University

This site provides some some guidelines for effective online learning as well as a self-administered survey.

Online Learning Readiness Assessment

Vivian Sinou, Chancellor's Office for the California Community College Distance Learning Consortium 


This is a self-administered 20 multiple choice questions to help students assess their readiness for online learning.

Student Self-Assessment

Online Programs, Wayne State University

This site provides a simple ten question survey with multiple choice answers for students to assess their online learning readiness.